Go Naked
If you'd rather splatter your deck with your own art, stickers, blood... whatever, We do sell just get the raw deck alone. It's engraved with the Sacrificial logo and board name as well as a polished polyurethane clear coat.

Snowboard or Longboard DIY Graphics
If you'd like to try designing your own graphic (Top and/or Bottom) we can do that for you, but you will need to have it "print ready" and understand that exact color matching is not always possible.

Design Tips

Dye Sublimation Printed Base
$10.00 USD
These graphics are all printed into tough durable plastic (See the TECH section for explanations). This is the same as a snowboard topsheet where the ink is actually embedded into the material.
A side note. Some may wonder why the cost of a printed base is so cheap. Normally you'll spend about $40 to have this done. When we don't use a printed base (Naked) we have to sand, paint and polish both sides of the board. We figure that the extra cost of the printed sheet is offset by the reduced labor. FYI

Dark Red
Item Number GFX003

Pink Stripe
Item Number GFX002

Teal Stripe
Item Number GFX001

Light Smoke
Light Purple
Item Number GFX006

Item Number GFX005

Default Color
Item Number GFX004

Dark Purple Smoke
Default Color
Item Number GFX007

Screen Printed
These are coming soon. This is traditional style and we hope to use in that same spirit. Retro, retro-scifi, odd-ball, punk rock, tasteful and tasteless....

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