Grip Tape
We keep rolls of Black Diamond (Clear and Black) in stock but can order any brand you like. We can either send you just the sheet or we can apply it to your board.

Black Diamond
Grip Tape

10" x 48" - Clear
Item Number GPT002

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Black Diamond
Grip Tape

10" x 48" - Black
Item Number GFX001

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Tape Patterns
We also have a few pre-designed patterns if you'd like one of these. Again they come applied or not. For these patterened tapes that are not installed, we print the design on our plotter and spray glue it to the backer of the grip tape (Cutting template.

Item Number GFX003

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Item Number GFX004

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Item Number GFX005

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Item Number GFX006

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Item Number GFX007

Would you like us to put it on for you?

Item Number GFX008

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Nut Plate

CNC Milled Aluminum
Item Number NP001

Drop-Through Nut Plate
This was made specifically as a way to protect the board from the truck nuts digging in (Even with washers). This also helps reinforce the overall cut out section of the board taking some of the stress loading off the front screws and distributing forces more evenly.

We decided to offer these in a .125 and .25 inch thicknesses because we thought some people might like to use them as risers. If you're using them as a board protector, the .125 is sufficient.

Sold as a set of 2
Allow 1 week for manufacture

  • CNC cut
  • Solid Aluminum
  • Various Thicknesses
  • Hand Polished

Snowboard Wall Mounts
3D Printed Plastic
$9.00 (Set of 3)

Snowboard Wall Mounts
We've been selling these 3D printed wall mounts on ebay for quite a while now and people seem to like them. The special deal with these is that they come as a set of three and allow you to mount your boards at an angle on the wall, but still make it easy to remove the board and go riding.

We sell these in many different colors which changes frequently. So for now it's been easier to manage inventory through our ebay store. It's also where we sell our used and prototype boards as well as other interesting things so check it out every now and then.

Items coming soon:
  • Grip Tape - Dye Subplimation Printed
  • GoPro Mount
  • Longboard Headlights

GoPro Mount

3D Printed Plastic

Screw-in GoPro Mount
We wanted to stick a GoPro to our snowboards but we knew the stick on mount wouldn't work, so we designed on that's a bit thicker to accomodate a counterbored screw to attach it to the board. We made these for snowboards but work great on anything that shakes around too much for the default one.

This does require mounting hardware and a some skill with hand tools. For example, on a snowboard you would want to drill a hole to insert an M6 helicoil (the same screw size as your bindings).

You can also find these on our Ebay store. We don't make them all the time, but if you'd like one in a particular color, send us an email and we'll get it made.

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