Since 2006 I've built, and taught others to build, hundreds of snowboards. The refinement over the years has been stunning. So in natural progression, in the season 2010/2011 Sacrificial Boards was born. We began with the mission to develop just a few strong product lines and prototype some new and interesting ideas. With funding coming in from our parent company through other contracts, Sacrificial Boards had no pressing deadline to turn a profit, so the decision was made to stick with prototyping and refinement; only making boards for our closest friends.

As of 2018, this is still the path we've chose to follow, yet the product line has continue to evolve. Around 2014 we started building composite longboards which has been awesome, and then high speed racing quads (drones...) around 2016. This has caused much thought about the brand name and what the direction is I'm heading. We still build snowboard and longboards, but I have a full machine/composites shop, electronics lab and 3D design and machining software so there's not much we can't make, but the direction seems random... and I don't think I want to change that.

A lot of people told me in the beginning that Sacrificial was a bad name because it inferred a substandard or even disposable product. My opinion is now and always has been, if you're going to put your all into something, odds are something's going to break and that you should focus on what you want to do, not the survival of the item that got you there. The product might actually be tough as hell and last forever, but don't use it like you care. If you fly your new freestyle quad like it's a puppy, or worry about even riding your new snowboard because you might scratch that sick graphic... umm... :/ Even though I can make you a 5mm thick solid carbon fiber frame for your miniquad, if you're going to push yourself to hit small gaps in bandos at crazy high speeds (which you absolutely should be doing), things are going to shatter.

So Sacrificial feels as good as it ever did. I imagine if I start making baby carriages we may have to talk again, but for now, most of what I'm making seems to be aggressive in nature with a lifetime relative to how hard you use it. As one last thing, I suppose none of this babble means much since I'm not actually selling anything anyways. There a possibilty I might place a few things on ebay from time to time, but I think my plan is to keep this page as a place for people I know to come look at things I'm doing or maybe meetups.

Sacrificial Boards is a subdivision of Cianci Industries, a composite design company built on aerospace quality and engineering. We got our start working with the Research and Technology division of the Boeing Company, Future of Flight Aviation Center, and various other individuals interested in high tech manufacturing. Our circle of friends includes many aviation technicians and engineers with a passion for creation and growing their knowledge. This is the body of knowledge and skill that we bring to Sacrificial Boards.

The Law of Sacrifice
"You can't get something you want, without giving up something in return"

We are still a small business and anyone interested in investing in our future is greatly appreciated

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